Monday, January 28, 2008

Trade Offs

Things That Are More Tolerable After a Few Glasses of Wine

Men's Ice Skating
4 Children, 4 Ice Cream Cones
The Boogey Man, aka: heavy wind making things bang against the window
Other people's travel plans (ie, spouse gallivanting over Italy)
Lillian Vernon catalog
Looking at the school hot lunch calendar
Fox News
Make Me A Supermodel

Friday, January 18, 2008

Eat YOur Heart Out Julie Andrews

These are a few of My Favorite Things (in no particular order)

1) Butter and Cinnamon.
This really is a good combo, especially in the warm form: toast, snickerdoodles.

2)Choice Organic Spearmint and Chammomile Tea.
I buy a box a month and try to limit myself to one cuppa night. I am convinced that I am incapable of a good nights sleep without it. Not that I get a good night sleep anyway, but just imagine how much worse it *would* be.

3) My three seasonal (winter) themed mugs to have above mentioned beverage. I don't share
these, either.

4) Sharepened Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils
Nothing makes a tidy "to-do" list or grocery list like a good ol' number 2.

5) Surf Laundry Detergent. Ocean scent.
Fact: In the throes of uber painful labor with Jake, I had to comment on how much I loved
the smell of his dad's shirt. Consecutive labors were supported with Surf scented shirts
and broad shoulders. Don't mess with the crazy preganant lady.

6) Sharpies. Black, medium point.
No comment. So obvious.

7) ZBeanz Ethiopion Yergacheffe coffee beans.
Fond memories of working the Hillsdale Farmers market and drinking 2-3 cups to keep warm.
This is the best coffee I have ever made, and because I am not known for actually making
coffee (but consuming mass quantities) this bag of goodness has converted me to homebrew.

8) Black.
Many of my favorite clothing items are black. Soft, cashmere-esce cardigan hoodie, running
coat, gloves, shoes, long sleeve t, tunic top, cami. Not many things can be both fancy and

9) Chocolate Chip Cookies.
So I have this theory that when you are feeling down, whether physically or mentally, a batch
of chocolate chip cookies will make you feel better. Seriously, during cold season (funny how
cold/sniffle season is year round. hmmmm) my kitchen aid mixer is on overdrive.

10) Trite VH1/Bravo/MTV shows: The Shot, America's most Smartest/Next Top Model,
Project Runway, Make Me a Supermodel.....
Perfect for nights waiting for Thanksgiving pies to finish baking, folding laundry, or laying in
bed with a cuppa or glass of wine realizing just how normal I really am.

11) My running route.
Same ol' same ol' but it's so there for me rain or shine. Plus I can think of important things
like who will get voted off The Shot and not get lost.

12) Baby Clothes
This ones a killer, because I would have a jillion babies simply for the baby clothes. Plus, how
lovely is it to wash an entire wardrobe in ONE load. ONE, I say!

13) Lipsticks and LipGloss
A girl can't have too many and it's instant pick me up.

14) Peonies.
I love these flowers.

15) Fruits and Veggies
Seriously, I love fruits and veggies. Crunch a munch a crunch a muncha. yum!

16) Family and Friends
Dorky to say, but I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't thinking about them.

17) Baby Joggers
Mama's prozac.

Well, there's my list for the day. I must go for now, as I have three loads of laundry to smell and fold, and jammies to put on, and a second cuppa to indulge with my chocolate chip cookie.