Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rinse, Wash, Repeat

Ha! Egg on my face! I had been waxing poetic (my term for the day) about the pending move and forming a nice little romantic post only to realize I had already done this. So here is my list of things that are refreshing to me at the moment.

The batch of chocolate chip cookies! Bless premade dough and a cookie sheet not in a box yet!
Pitching bath towels and starting over with new ones that match (likely white ones)
My boiling water for tea.
The pending arrival of Chloe after a 3 day Disneyland trip.
My baggie containing an Obama and Hillary pin.
Bubble wrap and the sound of packing tape stretching across a box
Checks on my to-do list.
The new playlist I found! Got me through packing the kitchen. So did the glass of wine from Lisa the neighbor.

We are still not finalized in our living arrangement but feel like we are capable of solving that minor major issue! On one hand it is a very unsettling, but it does not do anyone a service to freak out or run in circles. I feel as though packing is the priority and getting that taken care of, then we can put ourselves some place. It almost feels.......daring!