Monday, June 4, 2007

Star Struck

The other day a friend, and brand new mom, asked if the novelty wears off or if staring at your child in awe ever ends. Surely she was wondering if there came a day that the productivity increased past "baby watching." As I pondered her question during a sunny field day up at the elementary school I realized that the novelty does not wear off. I am still in awe with the kiddos. It is still fun, after all these years, to sit back and take in the children. I love seeing Nathan work on his homework or playing with Beck; watching Chloe pick flowers or learn to pump on the swings; glancing at Jake interact with his peers or work on a soccer trick; and Beck, where do I even begin with that little guy! New words, strutting his stuff, rolling down the grass hil......I have come to the understanding that year after year I will still be in awe and take delight in watching them. Wins, handling losses, graduations, new jobs and hobbies, friends, and their own families. Yes, my children keep me in awe.

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