Sunday, August 10, 2008

Love all around

Guten Morgen! We are wrapping up our stateside blog today....well, I will still keep my little blog babies if possible. If not it will be a rather boring and underutilized blog!

So far most of us have been holding things together pretty well. We thought we would already be overseas by this time so this week was a little bit of a bonus, a little bit of a string a long.

The kids have missed the Oak street house so much-I did not realize how much stability that house had for us all. It was such a great place to live and it really opened many doors for us. During the brief application/waiting time for our next adventure we also looked at many houses in the area and got a good feel for what we wanted. Lucky for us, though we could stop our real estate hunt! Moving out of that house was sad and a bit cumbersome (we had to find a place to live for 4 weeks) but it panned out and we got to live in yet another great house....conveniently located near Provence bakery and stumptown coffee. Pretty sweet deal!

Chloe got to attend "Girls Empowerment" camp this past week and learned how to reconstruct clothes, make bags, 'zines, and a bunch of other stuff. So cute and so fun. Who knew you could make a skirt out of a tank top?! Not many can pull that look of for sure.

What can I say without sounding or getting mushy? Not much. We have all been holding it together well (even during Mama Mia! )


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