Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wound up Tight: the good, the bad, the necessary

As many of you know we are in the midst of a move. Now, moving in itself is a wee bit arduous. There is so much involved: packing, purging unnecessary items, trips to donation centers, garage sales, clutter, make shift pantry meals, and so on. However, one of the key factors of moving is having a place to actually move into. That is where the story gets funny. After months of looking for a place to move into we threw up our hands in despair. Okay, maybe not uber dramatic, but we did raise our eyebrows. One evening Brian was on his laptop and I was on mine when he starts to chuckle. I looked at the posting he was reading from temporary housing online and low and behold, our friends were listing their house for a 10 month lease. It was as if someone had handed us an envelope with the "golden answer." I liken the whole situation to a group hug. They need a family to lease the house whilst back east, we needed a place ASAP, we get more time to find the right place...The fun is just beginning.

Our friends leave for the East Coast August 28th. We need to be out of our current place August 4th. Oh you say, that's 24 days in between. Why yes it is. Fortunate for us, we have friends that vacation. We will be staying at some friends' for 10 days, then the house for 9 days while they vacation in Hawaii, then who knows where for 5 days. Sound crazy? I like to say it is nomadic.

So you could easily see how one could be wound up pretty tight. Me too. I have decided to approach this move with enthusiasm (it is a neat house to move to), flexibility (so I am working extra, Beck wants to potty train, I am interviewing new nanny's, there are two extra soccer practices a week....)and a calmness. Is it calm or denial of what all needs to be done, because denial gets us nowhere. And explain to me how you can pack up three boxes, clear out a whole entire cupboard and Viola' the clutter reproduces and there is even more to pack. Seriously, answer me that!
I could easily be wound up tight. Maybe I am, but have good coping skills.

Our dear friends Rich and Cyn and their new baby Stella invited us up to their house for yummy pizza and salad. We had been busy all day with a grage sale so were good and plenty ready to relax. When it is time for baby stella to fall asleep, her mama wraps (ie, swaddles) her up nice and tight. The necessary version of wound up tight.

At least I am not frantically running around being unorganized. Oh contraire. It is so satisfying to clear out a closet or cupboard. We really ought to put out and APB for people to go to Goodwill for some good stuff!!

My favorite lunch this week has been a whole wheat tortilla, finely shredded lite cheese, a handful of market fresh butter lettuce, tomatoe, and a smear of my homemade white bean spread. All nice and wound up tight in the tortilla. Yum.

So this week we are hiring a new sitter, moving, potty training, gearing up for a soccer tournament, working, and moving forward!!

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