Monday, March 10, 2008

Women in History

Last Friday was the Women in History day at the elementary school. My friend Ruth and I were the Pankhurst Sisters. I was Christabel and Ruth was Sylvia. We were suffregettes. The day started with an all school assembly followed by classroom visits ALL DAY! There was a nice group of women portraying amazing women in history. We each had to give a 2 minute speech in front of the school......sounds short but it feels long! Ruth and I decided that we had to speak with a British accent for the speech and the classroom presentations. Wow. What a day. My head has cleared quite a bit in the short amount of time following, but it was such a fun and rewarding day coordinated by a really nice woman. The kids at the school were very polite and asked great questions. Kids are truly clever and smart. Ta-ta, pip-pip, cheerio!

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