Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book Club

It has been a long while since experiencing the "ideal" Saturday. Really, what makes an ideal day is so different for everyone. For some, sleeping in is ideal and for others shopping or watching movies all day. No matter what, we all should have a day that makes you flutter with happiness.
My day began simple enough but I knew I might have a real adventure on my hands. I wanted to do a long run and had a time frame to follow. Up early, I met one of my running buddies for loop number one. After she was done I roped Brian into beginning loop two and picked up another friend along the way. She ran with me for a bit then I was on my own. Af first I was leary of the road ahead, but found the peace and quiet a welcome reprive from my long week. Of course I wrote many a blog entries (which have yet been entered, let alone remembered!), replanned my closet, wrote a mental letter to the school district and so on. Trekking back I was anxious to shower and head to book club. Coffee was calling my name.
After parking in front of the cutest house ever, I swiftly made my way to the front door. Quick hugs and hellos then a mug of hot coffee was all I needed to relax and look forward to the next few hours. We discussed The Memory Keepers Daughter. A very thought provoking, yet predictable book. I really enjoyed this book, as it brought a feeling of peace while reading it. It was as if the author intended her readers to take a calming breath and read nice and slow, absorbing the words as the story unfolded. The group was split on the likability of the book.
We savored an onion galette, a fritatta, fresh fruit, scones, crepes, coffee, and of course chocolate and mimosas. It was decadent to say the least. After a 3+hour jaunt outside in the morning, the breakfest and relaxation was all I needed to feel refreshed. It was, in my book, a perfect day.

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