Thursday, April 10, 2008

Accepting Ourselves

Why, oh why do I have some tendencies that repeat themselves even after complete denial? I am taking to step to accept my tendencies as part of my "character." Black sweaters, white cotton, European kid shoes.....
Yesterday I was combing various places for china tea-cups/saucers for a teaparty. En route to the back of the "big" Goodwill (which is relatively clean) I find myself staring at 3 black Banana Republic sweaters. One was a merino wool turtleneck, one was a cardigan, and the other was a cute longsleeve t-style. Do I need them? noooo, I don't. They were even the wrong size but I fell in love. Tags attached and everything. Luckily I went through a 12 step over it and walked on. It was so natural to stop and look! I firmly believe that there are things in our lives that we seek comfort in....the familiarity of an item. For me, I could have an entire closet of black shirts-long sleeve, short sleeve, turtleneck, crew neck (no v-necks, I don't care for them as much) tunic style, sleeveless, thick, paper thin, and so on. I do not tire of them. In fact, I have a lone red 3/4 length sleeved top in my closet. I rarely wear it. Too bold.....not really, but it stands out too much. I've worn it only a small handful of times. I prefer my black tops. Same goes for white. That could be my second row in the closet. So there, I am no longer going to deny the fact that one cannot have too many black or white items in the closet. I feel better already.


Steven and Julie said... sweaters from BR with tags!!!! You have some serious will power!!! Think you could send some my way? Plus tea cups for a tea party? I like the sound of that!

Sarah McMillan said...

Great to hear from you Witty! Bring the clan up to Penticton sometime, would love to see you all.