Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Differences: In a nutshell

At what point did I become less fun and more practical, or worse yet was I ever fun? I do not possess catlike qualities. Shimmy through a crack in a door? No. Jumping over a wide space in hopes of getting across? Only in an emergency. Chasing a mammal? heh heh, big no. Curiosity is not on the top of my character list. After mulling this over for most of the day I realized that my curiosity differs from others. Okay, so I could really only compare to a 2 year old, but still....Children are extremely curious. Ever notice how often they can check gravity? A LOT. Gravity involving water, food, balls, grass, and so on. Jack in the Box's and Peek a Boo were created for a reason! To note, Jack in the Boxes freaked me out. The anticipation was really a challenge for me, and I like surprises. Physical curiousity is the most common form according to me (and probably "they" would say so too. Ha!) Opening a shut door, climbing a tree, going a new route and so on. I, on the other hand, am mentally curious. ie: a daydreamer, a romantic, "lives in a fantasy world." When I was in college I read my perfect bumper sticker * Not all Wanderers are Lost.* I am far more curious about the couple seated next to me in a restaurant, or the person running on my route, or the squirrel girl.

She was at a bus stop on a busy busline. Longish brown skirt, coat, leggings, brown leather-ish boots, squirrel hat. Yes, perched upon her head framing her pixie face was a knitted squirrel hat. This was not a stylish childish statement like the cute exchange students in kneehighs, cheerleader skirts and Hello Kitty backpacks. This was full on I am the nut, here is the squirrel. There was a bit of an edge to her that gave a boundary to all living things. In other words, if you got too close, the squirrel would jump off her head onto it and the strings would wrap around and choke you. I was so curious about her that to this day I still think of her (obviously)

To make myself feel better about being practical and not uber curious I told myself that it is a good thing to balance out everyone else. So if you are dining with me and ordering wildly off the menu and I get what I *always* get, rest assured I can find great pleasure in the other possibilities presented to me just a table away.

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