Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Sea of Thoughts

Before I had a chance to unclasp my grip, we all spun and went under. Down and down we spiraled letting the current of 100 bodies take us down. Fortunately I have a good lung capacity so I was able to look around and make sure the others did, too. All I saw were shirttails floating and the circle of people going under. Finally I broke free and kicked up, my heart racing. As I surfaced, I decided that this was enough. It was time to get the group organized and do something else. Where was the supervision? Was anyone in charge, or were we all in charge of ourselves? I did not like it and wanted out. Running around collecting my friends felt fruitless, yet at least I was trying, right? A loud exploding sound woke me up. I can see how the sound of gunfire or bombs cand send someone into a panic attack, heart attack, or a bowel attack. The neighbors car obviously shot something out it's tank and brought me back to "reality."

As I laid there getting my bearings, I remembered the dream I was in the minute prior. I told myself to tell the kids that if a bunch of people want to go under water, don't be dragged down without a big breath and be responsible for their own body. Also, to not be in a situation that has potential for lethal repercussions. I actually became more scared of the inevitable time when my children will be making decisions on their own and going places that I don't know of.

I am sure it will sound really weird when I tell them the deep water warning, but at least I put the bug in their ear. At least I tried.

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