Sunday, May 20, 2007


My dad is a smart man. Growing up, there were many "rule #1" moments. He was usually able to catch us before we broke the unknown rule. If, by chance, we had already committed the crime, we were quickly set right. For example, "rule #1" was to buckle your seatbelt before the car moved. Another- "rule #1" hand the scissors so the reciever could grasp the handle, not the blades." There were so many rules, and *all* were #1. Over the years, I have learned some rules of my own.

Rule #1: do not state that you'll never do something you haven't actually been faced with. The day will come that the baby leaves the house in pajamas, or galoshes and shorts, or even a runny nose. Saying never will inevitably come to bite you in the butt.

Rule #1: "They" will never be discovered. "They" say that chocolate does not have it's own section in the food pyramid. "They" say that children need a bedtime routine _every_ night. I honestly think there is a devil they and an angel they.

Rule #1: Because I said so.

Rule #1: Be the one to load the Goodwill bags into the car. If you leave this job to others, well, someone else might be walking around with your favorite cardigan.

Rule #1: If it feels weird it probably is. If it feels right it probably is. Make good choices.

Rule #1: Being polite always works in your favor.

Rule #1: Hindsight is pretty clear.

Rule #1: Don't settle. Unless it's down.

Rule #1: Chocolate chip cookies cure everything.

I am sure there are more so as they come to me I will post them.

Why is it that we are so quick to judge on things that we have yet to face? For example, before children I was convinced, *convinced* I say that my children would never go to the store in pajamas, or with a sticky face, or goofy outfits. Okay, so my first child followed my exemplary attention to grocery store preparation but I am the first to admit that there is no crime in taking babies out in there pajamas. I say as long as the diaper is not sagging underneath then go for it. I have been known to put clean pajamas on for reasons I am not sure of. Likely it is some hidden fear that we are breaking rule #1. So with this I leave you, take a walk in on someone elses route. Be extra nice. Do not be unnecessary.


randiedoula said...

Hey K, I am enjoying your blog. Keep it up. Portlandmoms rule:)

Steven and Julie said...

I love your blogs. You are one of the funniest people I know. I hope we'll get the chance to spend more time together in the (near) future. I also *LOVE* your kids, they are always so polite, cute, and nice to least that I've seen. About the PJs, I love wearing them out to the market/ect...and I wonder what my mother thinks about that :)