Saturday, May 19, 2007

Small Steps versus Giant Leaps

We began moving forward before our "existance" in the world. It was such a natural journey simply guided by a single path. Is it amazing to think that to this day, this moment, we are still sensitive to our surroundings and we react in ways similar to our entrance to the world? The only difference is that now we have past experiences to mold how we express ourselves. I often wonder if I freaked out the moment I was born, as I really do not like loud noises or bright lights. However, I do not mind being cold. Did the people that love firecrackers, sirens, and drums respond intrigued and without a cry to the noise but rather to the cold air? I am not one to change my preferences to certain stimuli, but I am adaptable and because of it am capable of changing how I respond and deal with situations. I am moving forward.

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